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Nama ku Johari atau lebih akrab di panggil joe, aku seorang yang openminded dan simple. blog ini adalah tempat ku meluahkan isi hati, segala apa sahaja yang terlintas di alam semesta serta minda ku dan ia mengunakan bahasa rojak bercampur english dan saya juga tidak mahir berbahasa inggeris jadi maaf jika ade tersilap. saya berharap jika ada apa-apa opinion boleh comment dibawah, Nice to meet you all.. hope you enjoy reading my blog!

WARNING: blog ini adalah untuk openminded peoples

Metalcore music

Metalcore is a fusion genre that incorporates elements of the hardcore punk and heavy metal genres. The term is a portmanteau of heavy metal and hardcore punk.
i used to listen to metalcore back in high school in 2002 but back then i wasn't pretty sure the music is good for me because i already listen to some more faster music genre, like speed death metal, norweign black metal, symphony metal and symphony black metal

the bands i recommend..
As blood runs black
As i lay dying
Parkway drive
I killed the prom queen
Bring me the horizon
Haste the day
All that remains
Darkest Hour
Bleeding through
the agony scene
The Black Dahlia Murder
Bullet for my Vallentine
The devil wears prada
Lamb of god
Bless the fall
Wall of jericho
Straight Line Stitch
Midnight Suit.. etc
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Batman : Dark knight AWESOME!!

i think it's awesome movie you guys should watched it!! i don't want to be a spoiler brat, so watched it yourself!, it might have a suprise ending in the end since the actor "Joker" character were found dead but this movie will be entertaining.
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