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Nama ku Johari atau lebih akrab di panggil joe, aku seorang yang openminded dan simple. blog ini adalah tempat ku meluahkan isi hati, segala apa sahaja yang terlintas di alam semesta serta minda ku dan ia mengunakan bahasa rojak bercampur english dan saya juga tidak mahir berbahasa inggeris jadi maaf jika ade tersilap. saya berharap jika ada apa-apa opinion boleh comment dibawah, Nice to meet you all.. hope you enjoy reading my blog!

WARNING: blog ini adalah untuk openminded peoples

Friends = Music

People have their own taste and love towards music. So today i made a list of my family & friends and which type of bands or singer that are quite related to them (Sorry guys, if I'm wrong, hope you guys don't hate me, it's just a survey of what i see through my own eyes, i still love you guys!! hahaha)

  1. My Dad = the Beatles, Elvis, the ventures a lot of them are from the 60's
  2. My Mum = she loves old Malay singer back in 60's and classical radios channel
  3. My Along = Mayhem, Burzum, Sodom, Venom (old black metal stuff back in 80's)
  4. My Angah = offspring, green day, nirvana (he listen to all kind of music actually)
  5. Schoolmate Syed Akram = Children of Bodom, Slipknot etc
  6. Schoolmate Shafizal = Slipknot, Arch enemy, Hujan(where that name come from)
  7. My cousin dee = skinhead (used too) now he's fan of indies bands
  8. My Roomate Sem 4 Hafiz = System of A down, Serj Tankian
  9. My housemate sem 4 Fendy = he love the japanese and nasyid songs
  10. My housemate sem 4 Percy = sentimental songs
  11. My housemate sem 4 Wan = Cromok
  12. Friends Ben = Death metal especially nile (i think he love the tehnical death metal)
  13. Friends Wan Taiping = HIM, Paramore
  14. Friends Ian ross = Berzeker and a lot of weird music
  15. Friends Leslie = Punk rock like dead kennedy, NOFX etc
  16. University clasmate Asz = Miley cyrus
  17. Myspace friends Daylyn = death metal (she a girl but Dayl a death metal chick!!)
  18. Roll Nrocinu = thrash metal like cromok, metallica
  19. Pqot Bottlecapt = 70's bands like AC/DC, Iron maiden etc
  20. lastly me johari = Satyricon, Behemoth, keep of kalessin, (black metal, death black metal stuff and old thrash stuff like slayer, Metallica, Sodom)
I'm sorry because there's a lot of friends that i couldn't remember their favorite bands but that's all folks.. i hope you enjoying reading it
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METALLICA - Death Magnetic

Death Magnetic
is the ninth studio album by American Thrash Metal band Metallica, released by Warner.Bros Record It is the band's first studio album to feature current bassist Robert Trujillo, as well as the first to be produced by Rick Rubin (who has produced albums with bands such as Slipknot, Linkin Park).This album reminds me a lot of their old albums like Load and Reload albums.Release Date: September 12, 2008. My favorite song in the album would be the "Unforgiven III" because is the best yet in the album (I love the piano in the first part of the song, it's soother my ears). It's shown how they mature in writing the song and lyric. For the fans of Metallica you must have this album as a collection. You will not regret buying it! i promise!

Picture of the bands a courtesy of Metallica official website
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Do any of you have nicknames? i have a lot of nicknames back in primary school and Secondary school (i won't telling you what the names are). Sometimes people use nicknames because it's easier to remember, but on the other hand people who are ignorant always use nickname to make jokes and bullying on other peoples. The most popular nickname i always heard from my friends in secondary school and university is Squirrel, yup! that small adorable animal with big tail, my friends always call me that because i got two big front teeth ( i think it's not that big, it just a two medium front teeth), but my closest friends call me James slipknot. Maybe i played the guitar just like him or maybe because I'm big fan of him!), actually the reason is I'm big fan of James from slipknot and Stone sour because he is one of my favorite guitarist, you rock dude!, anyway, to have a nickname is a great and cool things because you will have your own identity through your own nickname.
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TRANSFORMER ll The Revenge of The Fallen

The new movie of transformer is going to be out! i can't wait to watch it!, from the source in the internet that i read, the transformer 2 revenge of the fallen will be fully pack with action, massive production globally (they will filming the movie all over the world including China, Egypt but i think they are creating all the places in the hollywood studios duh!), and new robots!! i heard the construction a.k.a devastator (the big Decepticon robots) will be in it, including Soundwave, and from the Autobots Grimlord, Arcee (she will be the pink motorcycle in this new movie) and a new robot Fallen ( i never heard about the name before because it's a new character in a new transformer comic books).. Are you prepare to see something that are "More than meets the Eyes"
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My final year is getting near

i have experience a lot of things during my studies in university, and right now I'm getting near to my final year in university, I'm hoping i can create a great memorable memories here, so i will remember it for a long time
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