Friends = Music

People have their own taste and love towards music. So today i made a list of my family & friends and which type of bands or singer that are quite related to them (Sorry guys, if I'm wrong, hope you guys don't hate me, it's just a survey of what i see through my own eyes, i still love you guys!! hahaha)

  1. My Dad = the Beatles, Elvis, the ventures a lot of them are from the 60's
  2. My Mum = she loves old Malay singer back in 60's and classical radios channel
  3. My Along = Mayhem, Burzum, Sodom, Venom (old black metal stuff back in 80's)
  4. My Angah = offspring, green day, nirvana (he listen to all kind of music actually)
  5. Schoolmate Syed Akram = Children of Bodom, Slipknot etc
  6. Schoolmate Shafizal = Slipknot, Arch enemy, Hujan(where that name come from)
  7. My cousin dee = skinhead (used too) now he's fan of indies bands
  8. My Roomate Sem 4 Hafiz = System of A down, Serj Tankian
  9. My housemate sem 4 Fendy = he love the japanese and nasyid songs
  10. My housemate sem 4 Percy = sentimental songs
  11. My housemate sem 4 Wan = Cromok
  12. Friends Ben = Death metal especially nile (i think he love the tehnical death metal)
  13. Friends Wan Taiping = HIM, Paramore
  14. Friends Ian ross = Berzeker and a lot of weird music
  15. Friends Leslie = Punk rock like dead kennedy, NOFX etc
  16. University clasmate Asz = Miley cyrus
  17. Myspace friends Daylyn = death metal (she a girl but Dayl a death metal chick!!)
  18. Roll Nrocinu = thrash metal like cromok, metallica
  19. Pqot Bottlecapt = 70's bands like AC/DC, Iron maiden etc
  20. lastly me johari = Satyricon, Behemoth, keep of kalessin, (black metal, death black metal stuff and old thrash stuff like slayer, Metallica, Sodom)
I'm sorry because there's a lot of friends that i couldn't remember their favorite bands but that's all folks.. i hope you enjoying reading it


daylyn said...

hehehehehehhee :D

Johari sulaiman said...

suka la tue name die ade kat situ