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Nama ku Johari atau lebih akrab di panggil joe, aku seorang yang openminded dan simple. blog ini adalah tempat ku meluahkan isi hati, segala apa sahaja yang terlintas di alam semesta serta minda ku dan ia mengunakan bahasa rojak bercampur english dan saya juga tidak mahir berbahasa inggeris jadi maaf jika ade tersilap. saya berharap jika ada apa-apa opinion boleh comment dibawah, Nice to meet you all.. hope you enjoy reading my blog!

WARNING: blog ini adalah untuk openminded peoples

Nokia new wireless power Hp!

Pardon the cliche, but it's one of the holiest of Holy Grails of technology: Wireless power. And while early lab experiments have been able to "beam" electricity a few feet to power a light bulb, the day when our laptops and cell phones can charge without having to plug them in to a wall socket still seems decades in the future.

Nokia, however, has taken another baby step in that direction with the invention of a cell phone that recharges itself using a unique system: It harvests ambient radio waves from the air, and turns that energy into usable power. Enough, at least, to keep a cell phone from running out of juice.

While "traditional" (if there is such a thing) wireless power systems are specifically designed with a transmitter and receiver in mind, Nokia's system isn't finicky about where it gets its wireless waves. TV, radio, other mobile phone systems -- all of this stuff just bounces around the air and most of it is wasted, absorbed into the environment or scattered into the ether. Nokia picks up all the bits and pieces of these waves and uses the collected electromagnetic energy to create electrical current, then uses that to recharge the phone's battery. A huge range of frequencies can be utilized by the system (there's no other way, really, as the energy in any given wave is infinitesimal). It's the same idea that Tesla was exploring 100 years ago, just on a tiny scale.

Mind you, harvesting ambient electromagnetic energy is never going to offer enough electricity to power your whole house or office, but it just might be enough to keep a cell phone alive and kicking. Currently Nokia is able to harvest all of 5 milliwatts from the air; the goal is to increase that to 20 milliwatts in the short term and 50 milliwatts down the line. That wouldn't be enough to keep the phone alive during an active call, but would be enough to slowly recharge the cell phone battery while it's in standby mode, theoretically offering infinite power -- provided you're not stuck deep underground where radio waves can't penetrate.

Nokia says it hopes to commercialize the technology in three to five years.

* Lepas nie boleh la nokia buat handphone untuk kucing pulak hehehehe! senang kucing aku nak sms atau call aku! hehehe dengar bunyi meow2 jew hahaha!

Kesian budak tue.. sebab one kiss je

this i got from yahoo a couple of weeks ago, it happen because of a one kiss

For teens, there is no greater joy than graduating high school. Shaking off the shackles of education and claiming that hard-fought diploma is truly an epic day. Unfortunately, for several students at Bonny Eagle High School in Maine, their natural exuberance has led to some surprisingly serious problems.

On Friday night, when the senior class was waiting to graduate, excitement began to grow. Students bounced a large inflatable rubber duck. The noise level rose. And then came "the kiss." When called, one student walked on stage to receive his diploma and blew a kiss to his family. The school administrator, clearly not the sentimental sort, sent the student back to his seat ... sans diploma.

The seemingly harsh punishment has sent the Web all aflutter. Searches on "student denied diploma" and "bonny eagle high school" are both through the roof. Additionally, blogs and news papers are chiming in with opinions on whether or not the administration overreacted. The student's mother has given interviews and is quite upset at her son's treatment. According to an article from Fox News the outraged mother said, "A bow, a kiss to your mom is not misbehavior."

But the administrators feel they were just enforcing the rules that students agreed to. At a meeting following the debacle, school superintendent Suzanne Lukas said that "if a student doesn't adhere to the expectations, then the consequences are clearly spelled out."

This isn't the first time that rambunctious (dare we say "fun"?) behavior affected a graduation ceremony at Bonny Eagle. "Four years ago we had some issues with silly string and beach balls," said Lukas.


aku pegi tgk wayang dgn my wawa semalam (sabtu jun 27) kat the cineleisure curve damansara.. teng neng3 Transformer the revenge of the fallen, mula2 tak sabar nak tengok movie tue tapi bila dah tengok macam2 perasaan bercampur baur.. aku macam hampa dengan movie tersebut (waaaa!!! dah la aku minat transformer!).. kenapa hampa? yelah mane taknya.. jalan cerita die plain jew macam takde permulaan, pertengahan dan klimax (sorry guys for the spoiler) tapi biase la movies selalu akan ada pro's and con's jadi walaupun movie nie ada kelemahan dari segi penulisan script dan jalan ceritanya (aku taknak bagitahu apa kelemahanya so korang pegi tengok sendiri movie tue) ada gak part yg best seperti transformer yang baru dan yang lama aku nak tengok dari zaman kecik (paling aku suka sekali dengar suara original voice Soundwave! rindunya) dan kekuatan Optimus Prime dalam movie nie sebagai ketua autobots! (aku suka part die berlawan dengan Megatron, Blackout dan starscream serentak kat hutan tue! memang cukup hebat tiga lawan satu, takde words nak describe!) dan jadikan cerita taklah hampa sangat so aku akan menunggu abang aku membeli DVD movie tersebut untuk di tonton sebanyak beribu2 kali.. lepas tengok movie aku pegi kedai model transformer dan beli satu model decepticon RAMPAGE! (bulldozer tue!) anyway nak sum up the day memang best! cukup best pegi bersama dengan seseorang yang cukup bermakna dalam hidup aku.. guys! watch la transformer ok! cheers!

tiket wayang aku
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August 29, 1958(1958-08-29)(( - June 25, 2009 (aged 50)

It was a shocking to hear one of my idol michael jackson passed away yesterday, i grow up listen to his song since i was a small boy, it was a sad feeling to see him gone, May Allah blessed his soul..

On June 25, 2009, Jackson reportedly collapsed at a rented home in Holmby Hills in Los Angeles. After he collapsed, Jackson's personal physician, with him at the time, attempted to resuscitate him. Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics responded to a 911 call at 12:21 pm (PST), arriving nine minutes later. Jackson was reportedly not breathing and CPR was performed. Resuscitation efforts continued both en route to the UCLA Medical Center, and after arrival at approximately 1:14 pm (20:14 UTC), for a further hour. Jackson fell into a coma and died shortly after arrival. He was noted to have already been in cardiac arrest by the paramedics who attended his house. Jackson was pronounced dead at about 2:26 pm local time (21:26 UTC). The cause of death is currently unknown.

Los Angeles Police Department homicide and robbery division detectives attended to the scene as a matter of routine in high profile death cases. The case was transferred to the Los Angeles coroner for investigation as there was no doctor in attendance to sign the death certificate. Jackson's body was transported by helicopter from UCLA to the LA Coroners offices in Boyle Heights. The autopsy is scheduled for Friday, June 26, 2009.

Prior to his death, Jackson had been scheduled to perform 50 sold-out concerts to over nine thousand people, at London's O2 arena, from July 13, 2009 to March 6, 2010. During a publicity press conference, Jackson made suggestions of possible retirement. Randy Phillips, president and chief executive of AEG Live, had stated that the first 10 dates alone would have earned the singer approximately £50 million (about $100 million USD).
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Lab mouse in the Grammar 3 class

i was the model for torturing moments in the grammar 3 class last week, i was asked to came out in front of the class, and the student are asked to describe about me.. it was funny and cute in some way.. nice with the "johari is an arrogant,tall,charming and handsome guy" i don't get it with the arrogant part but i dig it and love it so much, thanks guys for your honest opinion and thanks to Mr hadi my grammar 3 lecturer!

Tired and restless

not much during the day but a lot during the night, since the day i came back to my university from my hometown, i became a night person, which means that i didn't sleep at night but a lot in the broad day light, it began to be a habit, a bad habit actually, so one day i will get more wrinkle, i hope not! hahaha!
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Dunia university aku

aku mula banyak menulis dan menaip dalam bahasa melayu, mungkin aku rasa nak lari dari stereotype yang mengatakan aku sebagai pelajar tesl harus menulis dalam bahasa inggeris dari bahasa melayu, jadi aku akan menulis dalam bahasa melayu sebanyak yang mungkin dalam blog ini, kepada rakan pembaca blog yang berasal luar dari malaysia saya minta maaf sebab hari ini aku hendak meluahkan isi kehidupan aku di bumi universiti ini, ia bermula pada hari jumaat 5 jun hingga hari ahad 7 jun 2009 di mana kebanyakkan pelajar di universiti aku pulang dan hostel universiti seperti semester sebelumnya kosong dah tidak berpenghuni, aku pelik jugak kadang2, kenapa mereka kerap pulang sedangkan aku sudah berada di sini selama enam semester dah tidak pernah sekali terdetik hendak pulang ke pangkuan ibubapa aku, tapi itu bukan masalahnya sekarang yang harus di pertikaikan, bila diorang balik universiti nie dah jadi macam dalam movie hollywood i am legend, kosong tiada populasi, aku pulak tak balik, jadi boring jugaklah duduk kat sini, tapi mujur masih ada kawan yang sudi temankan aku di kala sunyi ini, baru aku sedar ada lagi manusia yg masih tinggal kat universiti nie hehehe! malam nie aku lepak dengan seorang kawan yang lama aku kenali tapi baru 2 hari ini aku betul2 berborak dengan dia, die agak lain dari yang aku sangkakan, selama ini aku menganggap die hanya sebagai the weird one, tapi alangkah aku terkejut bila aku mengetahui die lebih matang dan jauh sempoi dan best di buat berbual.. baru terdetik dalam benak kepala hotak aku yang die nie jauh bagus dari ape yg orang cakap tentang die selama ini, apa yang die cakap cukup membuatkan aku sedar sesedarnya, kawan yg baik akan selalu berada di sana di sisi kite.. aku harap persahabatan kiteorang lebih erat selepas ini, 2 hari ini antara memori terbaik aku di universiti ini, mungkin minggu depan lagi baik untuk aku, siapa yang tahu, Tuhan yang menentukan segalanya. Thanks D... kau banyak menyedarkan aku bahawa perwatakan kau istimewa dari segala aspek..

Aizat - fikirlah

Aizat - fikirlah is a good song written by a young singer, a fresh idea and nice tune too, a good melody during the chorus, catchy song from a Malaysian young singer, music listener should buy the album, is quite good..
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