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Nama ku Johari atau lebih akrab di panggil joe, aku seorang yang openminded dan simple. blog ini adalah tempat ku meluahkan isi hati, segala apa sahaja yang terlintas di alam semesta serta minda ku dan ia mengunakan bahasa rojak bercampur english dan saya juga tidak mahir berbahasa inggeris jadi maaf jika ade tersilap. saya berharap jika ada apa-apa opinion boleh comment dibawah, Nice to meet you all.. hope you enjoy reading my blog!

WARNING: blog ini adalah untuk openminded peoples

The unique students of TESL in my classmate

it's a honour to be your friends.. so to continue the honour of hall the fame hehehe.. i dedicate this post to all my unique friends in my class..

My good friend IAN ross (who is known for my metal colleague) is the first to be in my hall of fame, his characteristic of being the "slumber" and quite blur all the time (i love his Germany accents, because he's speaks like one even if the language is Malay and English), but sometime his has good side of him that i myself respect even though he has a lot of bad side like sarcasm and known for his "evil mouth" hahaha! dude you one crazy son of bitch i known!

the 2nd one is the one and the only Bullet!! he's the weirdness and funny dude in my class, i don't know why people call him bullet (isn't his parents proud to have a funny son like him) but hey he's a good friend and has a lot of problem with his hair (i did took a candid picture of him with Mohawk hair), he's the only student in my class who is a bit sopan during presentation starting with salam and introduce his full name and then blank hahaha! but anyway that's bullet bang! bang!

the 3rd one is the leslie!! my man, he looks young but his age is not the same with his look and that's leslie, i think my classmate know what i meant, so leslie, what can i say about leslie he's a cool friends with a cool charateristic, a big brother to us all. For me leslie is unique for his relax attitude and a big fan of punk rock especially in the old days of punk rock! (i heard that sound from miles away! - a lyric from mxpx songs that he always play in his car), So girls if you want Leslie, he's still single for now! go and get the cool dude LESLIE!! hehehe!

next one with be awi and rayner!this two both brothers are always together since they used to be roomates! and that's a bonding about the both of them, i don't want to tell you guys the rest of it because it's a scary story to tell. first we start with rayner! who is a charmed and funny boy always have a lots of scandal and a fan of sentimental and love songs, next his brother hehehe awi, (his name is actually asmawi but we cut it out to be awi, people love to calling him sawi hehehe) a good friend of mine, a fan of metal starting this fourth semester(it's my fault for giving him all my metal song in the laptop to be listen hehehe, he is a sweet friend but has a stinky feet hahaha! sorry awi, love you both dudes muahahaha!

Now we have the asz, known for the only boy who is fanatic fan of miley cyruz, and he's going to be a man someday ( i hope) well for me asz is a sweet boy, he has more feminine side but still he is a boy, so if you mess with him, he still can kick ass. yahoo! hehehe..

Now we have the girls!!! huhu! ok starting with annisa and shasha, let's start with annisa, she's a very intelligent girl who looks like 12 year old girl! (she said she looks like one) but she relax and love to sleep in the class when have spare times, maybe because she is too intelligence so she don't need to study (babe you are smart girl, i wish i want to learn the way you learn) next is shasha, i known her from the first semester, she chubby but beautiful (i always call her bulat because her face is really round), when she laughs, oh my gosh! the class is going to collapse, a very smart girl and both of them are unique

then we have crystal, she's from Pahang, my states! she a great friend and as sweet as honey too! she has ability to speak with no sounds! hahahaha! (ian loves it when she's speak), unfortunately that's how she speak and we have to respect her, she is the only Chinese girl in the class, apart of me to have a mix Chinese, i'm still malay boy i'm not categorized to be a Chinese boy just a mix blood and heritage, anyway she is from a highland in Pahang in Cameron highland!

we be back soon!
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the holiday has started

i just came back to kuantan last night, fully intact with all my organs are in the right place, probably at 9 pm since my dad is driving really fast! (i'm quite scare about his driving habits, now i know where i got the speeding genetics ;p) anyway, the holiday is going to be great or bad (according to my brother comment is going to be worse) but for me holiday is just a gate way to restless, boredom and laziness ;) but hey i'm going to enjoy my semester holiday so called vacation days.. happy holiday to all my university classmate!
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the Other part Of being single and try to fall in love with a Girl

Banyak benda dalam dunia yang kita tak mampu nak halang.. seperti nak mencintai seseorang (perasaan seseorang kita tak mampu nak di paksa), this is the first time i'm talking about love in this blog, where you fall in love with someone (i bagi clue la she is one of my university classmate) it u tak bermaksud you akan dapat dia, mana la tahu dia tak tahu yang you sukakan dia, atau dia ada standard dalam bercouple sebab nak buat calon husband ke, or even dia nak bercinta tapi takda sapa yang nak cuba flirt with her dan macam-macam alasan lagi.. tapi kawan saya ada pernah bagitahu, ade dua semester lagi cuba la flirt her, who knows... tapi i tahu i tak layak untuk girl sebaik dia untuk di jadikan puteri hati....

P:S/ sorry sebab guna double language, biase la coed switching

New hair for me!

new hair! i cut my hair today, hope you like it because i do!
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