Do any of you have nicknames? i have a lot of nicknames back in primary school and Secondary school (i won't telling you what the names are). Sometimes people use nicknames because it's easier to remember, but on the other hand people who are ignorant always use nickname to make jokes and bullying on other peoples. The most popular nickname i always heard from my friends in secondary school and university is Squirrel, yup! that small adorable animal with big tail, my friends always call me that because i got two big front teeth ( i think it's not that big, it just a two medium front teeth), but my closest friends call me James slipknot. Maybe i played the guitar just like him or maybe because I'm big fan of him!), actually the reason is I'm big fan of James from slipknot and Stone sour because he is one of my favorite guitarist, you rock dude!, anyway, to have a nickname is a great and cool things because you will have your own identity through your own nickname.

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