Long Island Iced Tea

A Long Island Iced Tea is a highball made with, among other ingredients, vodka, gin, tequila, and rum. A popular version mixes equal parts vodka, gin, tequila, rum and triple sec with 1 1/2 parts sour mix and a splash of cola. Close variants often replace the sour mix with sweet and sour mix or with lemon juice, the cola with actual iced tea, or add white creme de menthe. Some restaurants substitute brandy for the tequila.

The drink has a much higher alcohol concentration (~28%) than most highballs because of the proportionally small amount of mixer.

Outside of the United States, this highball is often altered, due to the unpopularity of sour mix[citation needed]. Long Island Iced Tea served outside the States is often made of liquors and cola alone (without sour mix), with lemon or lime juice, orange juice or with lime cordial.
Long Island Iced Tea, a summer drink, was first served in the late 1970s by Robert (Rosebud) Butt, a bartender at the Oak Beach Inn, in the Town of Babylon, Long Island, New York.
The increasing popularity of the Long Island has spawned its own family of highballs. Many drinks remain popular in their own right in numerous locales throughout the United States, while owing their existence to the success of the original Long Island Iced Tea. An example of a variation to the Long Island is the Purple Rain. A Purple Rain drink is the same mix as a Long Island but the Triple Sec is replaced with a shot of Chambord and the cola replaced with lemonlime soda. In a Long Beach Iced Tea, the coke is replaced with cranberry juice. In a Blue Motorcycle, the Triple Sec is replaced with Blue Curacao, the Coke with Sprite, and additional Sour Mix is added. so people this is the differential between Long Island Iced Tea to non alcohol one's becareful! or you might get drunk drinking a tea! hehehe!

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