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Nama ku Johari atau lebih akrab di panggil joe, aku seorang yang openminded dan simple. blog ini adalah tempat ku meluahkan isi hati, segala apa sahaja yang terlintas di alam semesta serta minda ku dan ia mengunakan bahasa rojak bercampur english dan saya juga tidak mahir berbahasa inggeris jadi maaf jika ade tersilap. saya berharap jika ada apa-apa opinion boleh comment dibawah, Nice to meet you all.. hope you enjoy reading my blog!

WARNING: blog ini adalah untuk openminded peoples

Theater Kerusi

I was one of the lucky guy who had a chance to take a part in the theater course this semester (haha yeah right i am gosh..) during the course, we were asked to do a theater for a assignment, and the theater is called KERUSI (chair in English) , the storyline of the theater is about a life story evolved around the chair, it was one of the success theater in my university (thank God for the hard work and the determination of my Team, yeah! team kerusi rocks!!) but hey it was a great memories!, i will never forget those who are always helping me during the theater course, thanks guys. i included some of the picture that were taken during rehearsal and during the events ENJOY!

This picture is taken during rehearsal, we are the abstract (i'm proud to be one of them) from the left is Lan, Farid, me! with the metal sign(wicked), and front is Viva our abstract leader

Theater KERUSI Team!
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