The unique students of TESL in my classmate Part ll

We continue where we left off first we have two more princess in the class, ta naaa!! Nurul atiqah, she well known for her happy go lucky character ( everybody know she love to giggle during presentation hahaha) , she one of the brightest student in the class and soon to be a good teacher, (she did perform well during presentation and mine sucks, and she is among my good friends and the sweetest toO

Second we have another model in our class, and she is azim alia!! huhu i don't know how to describe her because she's the quiet one in the class, i hardly ever heard her voice (but when she talks to me, yes i do hear her soft angelic voice) azim alia as i known her, a sweet friend and mysterious at some point hehehehe!

Now we go to the boys! the man!! the dudes!! what ever they called it! haha! ok we start with Safaruddin, as you may know safaruddin or known as Udin, is a religious and sometimes crazy friends (i know him since first semester, darn! he's crazy) and he always said everything that ends with "main bola" what the hell is going on with that! like "aku nak pegi tandas dan main bola" aku nak pergi dengar lagu main bola" wtf?? but he is one good friends of mine, he never abandoned his friends that for sure, and i respect him for that.

lastly we have the boy in the class who drove Satria Neo with the plate number starts with KCF,everyone in the class mocking his plate number saying it should be put KFC instead (Kentucky fried chicken) hehehe, he is Akmal known for his nickname nicotine, why? why did you asked?? hehehe he love to smoke cigarettes, smoking is like breath of oxygen for him haha! he the biggest in the class i think (especially his tummy hee~) a very chaotic friend in some way but still a good friend.. and so you have it, all the unique students that i think is very unique, so i end this chapter with quote "friends are forever"

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