Dude from Twilight

i was astonished about a young brilliant talent with a bit casual acting in the movies, he's famous from a twilight movies, i think you know who i'm talking about! Robert Pattison! (with a screaming girl at the background cheering his name hahaha), he used to play role of Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (but he's not very famous back then just a minor and extra actors compare to the harry potter hehehe), but when he started to take a lead acting in the movie twilight, everybody was under his spell of something! everything is about Robert Pattison!, Robert Pattison! this and Robert Pattison! that.. Wow! this edward cullen character really bringing the females fans to his skins hehehe! but i'm not trying to judging him through his movies because that what acting is all about acting! so there is nothing special about this dude, except for his height, pale skins (haha he do look really like vampire!), his british ascents, but there is something i kept thinking during watching him at MTV movie award 2009, he look very weird with the bending a bit body and have a very messy hair ( i know that british look very cute for that hairstyle but he do look a bit messy with bunkface looks with drooling still on his face hehehe) (for indie fans, i'm not talking about that malaysia bands bunkface ok! so please read and find the word in dictionary and read books a lot!) but anyhow, great job Pattison! you really give a new phenomenom towards vampire movies!


Pakcik Zharul said...

pattinson lah if im not mistaken.

Johari sulaiman said...

hahahaaha suka la tue!