Monster VS Alien

When my brother bought this movies dvd, i wasn't that impressed because he love animation cartoons so much!, but the best about this movie is not about the animation but the character in the story.. i was not in to the "susan a.k.a Ginormica"sorry Reese Witherspoon no offence, your beautiful actress but the character is very weak in the movie but i was really in to the other monster characters such my favorite B.O.B. (Benzoate Ostylezene Bicarbonate) the dumbest monsters with his non brain issues and Dr. Cockroach ( i love Hugh Laurie voice's because he reminds me of his sarcastic character of Dr House in Dr House M.D series) and not forgetting the president of United States characters (he is really2 funny toO! especially in the scene when he try to negotiate with the alien, playing a crazy frog techno songs with the keyboard) but overall the story is amazingly funny..


  • Reese Witherspoon as Susan Murphy, aka Ginormica: A young woman from Modesto, California who is hit by a radioactive meteor on her wedding day, causing her to mutate and grow to a height of 49 feet 11.5 inches (15.227 m). Somewhat meek and unassertive, she initially wants nothing more than to return to her old life, but gradually warms up to her new status as a monster. Due to her exposure with the meteorite's radiation, in addition to her size, she is amazingly strong and has a resistance to energy attacks, making Gallaxhar's weapons all useless against her.
  • Seth Rogen as B.O.B. (Benzoate Ostylezene Bicarbonate): An indestructible gelatinous mass created when a genetically-altered tomato was injected with a chemically-altered ranch dessert topping. His greatest strength lies in his ability to devour and digest any substance as well as being indestructible. His one weakness is that his mutation didn't give him a brain, making him incredibly dimwitted, such as sometimes mistaking the other monsters' goals in life for his own, although his plan to infiltrate Gallaxhar's clones proves surprisingly successful. His main goal in life is to digest things.
  • Hugh Laurie as Dr. Cockroach, Ph.D: A brilliant but mad scientist who, in an experiment to imbue himself with the resilience and abilities of a cockroach, ending up with a giant cockroach's head and some personality features of the cockroach, but gained the ability to climb up walls and high resistance to physical damage. He is charming and sophisticated in spite of his tendencies to eat garbage and laugh maniacally, working to help Susan learn more about her condition while in captivity.
  • Will Arnett as The Missing Link: A 20,000-year-old fish-ape hybrid who was found frozen and thawed out by scientists, only to escape and wreak havoc at his old lagoon habitat. Usually referred to as Link, he behaves as a macho jock most of the time, but is rather out of shape. Despite this, he is an expert martial-artist and takes it upon himself to lead the team in attacks, even if his energetic attitude doesn't always work to their advantage.
  • Conrad Vernon as Insectosaurus: Formerly a 1 inch (25 mm) grub transformed by nuclear radiation into a 350 feet (110 m) monster with the ability to shoot silk out of her nose. She is unable to speak clearly, and is mesmerized by bright lights (usually used to lead her to other locations); she also has a close bond with the Missing Link, who can understand what Insectosaurus is saying. In her butterfly form, she has wings and is able to fly and becomes the Monsters' mode of transportation.

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