A new singers has came out with her first EP of her own songs, and her name is Yuna, Our own Malaysian talented pop singer, She can play Guitar and Piano as well. The songs that have captured my ears is a soft melody and creative lyric writing of "after midnight", from my point of view the song tell us how someone are willing to sacrifice anything just to be with the person, is a pretty sweet songs and i have listened to it for a hundred times already! the best part is she is from my hometown Kuantan.

Other songs that you can listen toO

  • Dan Sebenarnya
  • Rocket
  • Deeper Conversation
  • Lie To Me With Style

for more information you can visit to her Myspace


i Pakcik Zharul said...

deeper conv is my fave.

Johari sulaiman said...

heheheehee lagu tue slow sentimental jew kan..