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Blink 182 NEW ALBUM! Neighborhood

Basically everyone is happy when the PuNk Icon BLINK 182 have reunite and making new album especially me who has been listening Blink 182 since 1999, i was 12 years old back then.. and now THEY ARE BACK! with the new album NEIGHBORHOOD! and i'm already 24 years old.. wow! time do flies by really fast and the band does toO.. Reviews about the album from other websites are really impressing and have great outcomes.

For me as their old school fans who love their old albums like "Enema of the State", "Take off Your Pants and Jackets" and Self Title "Blink 182" thinks that "Neighborhood" albums is more a experimental album with the new kinds of music as they once in the different bands like Tom's band Angel and Airwaves and Travis and Mark's Plus 44

The lyric and the music shows how they have changes and matured in making music. Apart from it for old fans of Blink 182 including me will think this album is going to be more a disappointing albums from the old one's because you will not get the CRAZY! attitude and vibe like the old albums but hey they still doing great because this is more self produce album because of their late producer Jerry fin has passed away and i hoping they will create great music for the next new albums. "The past is past and build new one's" i will give this album 6 stars from 10 stars and i really do love their first single "up all night" it got the new sense of maturity in Blink's ages

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