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Jay Z - feat Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind

Yet another good R&B/Hip hop songs has released by Jay Z.. the collaboration with Alicia keys made the songs have a unique styles of music. Empire State of Mind is the third single by hip hop rapper Jay-Z, from his eleventh studio album, The Blueprint 3. The song was produced by Shux and co-produced by Janet “Jnay” Sewell-Ulepic & Angela Hunte.

The record features the dynamic vocals of R&B-soul singer Alicia Keys, complimented with some choice words on life perspectives from Jay himself. Some of his best collaborative work to date with vocalists.

It’s the city’s image personified by Jay’s words, which manage to tap the core of those still wearing Timbs because, deep down, everyone wants to reach the level of opulence that Jay has… he just beat us there & seemingly left us behind. Yet, he reminds that he’s still connected to the city that never sleeps by going back & describing the life that lives there day and night.
Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performed the song live at MTV Video Awards 2009.

The music video was was directed by Hype Williams and was filmed on October 1, 2009, in Harlem, Times Square and around Ground Zero of New York City.

For more information about this songs please do visit their official website!
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